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2019 CARMEL GREYHOUND Summer Football Camp Information

The Carmel Football Program is excited to announce our 2019 Youth, PRIDE, and Kicking Football Camp. The camps will ensure an excellent environment for developing individual skills, techniques, and attitudes at a high intensity level; while still offering a great deal of fun, motivation and excitement for Carmel Football and its players.

CAMP GOAL Our goal is to offer an affordable, developmentally appropriate camp that will allow players to get quality, hands on instruction from our high school coaching staff. This camp will allow athletes to develop their skills and prepare them for the season at various levels. We want to give young athletes fundamental skills they will be able to build on in the future.

YOUTH FOOTBALL CAMP – Grades 1, 2, 3, & 4 (no helmets or pads) The YOUTH Football Camp will focus on fundamentals, proper techniques, teamwork, and fun in a positive football atmosphere. All campers will play all positions equally and learn to play the game of “backyard football” with the guidance of camp personnel.

CARMEL PRIDE FOOTBALL CAMP – Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8 (helmets/shoulder pads) The CARMEL PRIDE Football Camp is designed to mirror the approach and path of the high school football program. Nearly every aspect of the high school design will be paired down to fit the development level of the various age groups. The daily model will include dynamic exercises to prepare for practice, film study of the previous day, individual position skill and drill work, 7 on 7 and lineman group work, and team scrimmage and competition.

CARMEL KICKING CAMP – Grades 1-8 (no helmets or pads) The CARMEL KICKING CAMP will provide all campers with an introduction to the fundamentals of field goal kicking, kickoffs, punting, and long snapping. The two-hour camp will include tutorials of skills, correction of technique with the use of digital camera filming of each athlete to be used in the film room mid-practice. Upon re-entry to the practice field, participants will compete in a series of challenges.

CAMP PERSONNEL Carmel Head Football coach John Hebert and his coaching staff have designed and will carry out the camp. Along with the coaches, a number of high school players will be assigned to work with small groups of campers. These players will also coach and support the teams during competition times. This camp provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and character development for our high school players and managers. Life-long bonds will be formed between high school players and the campers.

Position Focus: Offensive

• Quarterbacks will be taught the acceptance of the snap, hand positioning, drops, throwing actions, and handoff techniques. • Running backs will learn handoff, running, receiving, blocking, and run fake techniques. • Receivers will develop quick, intermediate, deep route techniques and blocking skills. Offensive linemen will focus on footwork along with blocking skills. All positions will be given some drills they can do on their own to improve themselves.

Position Focus: Defensive

• Defensive lineman will learn stance and starts, run reaction skills and pass rush techniques. • Linebackers will work on fundamental reads against the run and pass while focusing on footwork and positioning. • Defensive backs will develop one on one cover skills and become aware of zone drops. The primary focus of those players will be on footwork and cover skills. • All campers will be instructed to execute fundamental shoulder tackling exactly as it is done within the CHS high school program. Coach Hebert will lead a camp-wide session each day on safe and effective tackling techniques.

CAMP DATES • YOUTH CAMP July 8th – 11th, (M-Th) 10:30*AM – 12:30 PM • CARMEL PRIDE CAMP July 8th – 12th, (M-F) 8:30*AM – 10:30 AM • KICKING CAMP July 12 only 10:30 am-12:30pm • *Campers must arrive 30 minutes prior to the camp start time on day 1 for check-in and orientation.

CAMP FEES • YOUTH Camp fee is $90 and is nonrefundable. Camp fee includes a CARMEL FOOTBALL Camp T-shirt. • CARMEL PRIDE fee is $110 and is nonrefundable. Camp fee includes a CARMEL FOOTBALL Camp T-shirt. • KICKING CAMP fee is $35 and is nonrefundable. Camp fee includes a CARMEL FOOTBALL Camp T-shirt.

Camp Location • CARMEL High School Stadium and turf practice facilities

What to Bring • Athletes will need to wear shorts or sweats and a T-shirt or sweatshirt, Football cleats, helmet/shoulder pads/practice jersey (for PRIDE CAMP only) • Water jugs are suggested because of the large number of campers.


WHAT: A 9 day (3 phase) football camp designed to equip all players with the knowledge and fundamental skills of being a Greyhound.

WHEN: June 11th,12th,14th, 17th,18th,19th,20th,25th,27th

Phase 1: ( Introduction ) June 11th, 12th, 14th.

Tuesday June 11th 2pm-6pm: Players will be given an opportunity to shadow/observe the Varsity players in all phases of the Varsity program. This will include individual position meetings within the classroom, weightroom, pre-practice film, and a look at the intensity and focus of a full speed practice. Players will be dropped off at door 21 and picked up on the freshman side (visitors side) of the stadium.

Wednesday June 12th 2pm-6pm: Players will be put through many of the team activities they observed on the previous day. Players will be given an opportunity to participate in a position specific chalk talk in the classroom for a position on both sides of the ball (offense and defense), will participate in a full body workout, and will be run through a series of physical tests to develop a baseline for data that will be collected throughout their entire high school career. Players will be dropped off at door 21 and picked up on the freshman side (visitors side) of the stadium.

Friday June 14th 7am-9:30am: This 150 minute practice will be split into 3 segments and will be designed specifically for all Qb’s/Wr’s and Specialist (kickers, punters, snappers, holders, returners). This practice is for players who have previously played one of the above positions and plan to continue at this position throughout their high school career.

Segment 1 (7:00am-8:00am) Kickers, Punters, Snappers, Holders, Returners

Segment 2 (8:00am-9:00am) QB’s, WR’s

Segment 3 (9:00-9:30) Phase 1 make up.

This 30 minute window is designed for any players who were unable to attend either of the first 2 days and need to get fitted for equipment, obtain a locker etc. Players will be dropped off and picked up at the stadium.

Phase 2: ( Full Speed )June 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th For all four of these days, the schedule is from 2-6 pm. Students will lift weights, have classroom/filmroom sessions as well as 2 hours of on the field work as a team.

Phase 3: (Follow Up) July 25 and 27 These two workouts will be at 6:00 am and will conclude by 8:30 am. Students will lift weights and have classroom instruction in addition to on the field practice.

CARMEL Football Camps Contact John Hebert, Head Football Coach, Carmel High School Carmel, IN 46032 (Cell) 317-372-8797 (Office) 317-846-7721 ext. 7033 Twitter: @coach_hebert